Natural marble floors make of each room a unique and special place.

Natural marbles can be easily honed and polished and are suitable for residential and commercial floors, wall, stairs and window sills.

Marbles can be used in modern or classical settings, depending on the finish and color selected.

All natural stones are available in sizes from small mosaics all the way up to large slabs in different thickness and finish.

Shading and veining variations are part of all natural stones and therefore we always recommend to look at several pieces or more slabs of the same material, before making your selection,  to see the result you will get once installed on the floor or wall.

Irregular veins movement and color variations are part of all the natural stones; some materials / color,  may vary more than others but this is a peculiarity of all natural stones and this is what makes them so unique and exclusive, if compared to any mechanical and industrial imitations.

After floors installation, all the natural stones must be sealed and treated properly in order to waterproofing and protecting the surface from stains and liquids.

In high traffic areas, it is recommended to re-polish the marble floor once every 6/8 months, according to needs.